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Roberto Cusani is Full professor of Telecommunications at DIET, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza”, since year 2000, where he thought Signal Theory and currently he teaches Information Theory and Coding, Mobile Communications, Telecommunications. During 2003-09 he was Director of the same Department.

After receiving the "laurea" degree (cum laude) in Electronic Engineering and the Ph.D. in Communication Systems and Computer Science, from 1986 to 1990 he is research engineer at the Electronic Engineering Dept., University of Rome "Tor Vergata", teaching Digital Signal Processing. In 1991 he joined University of Rome "La Sapienza", , as Associate Professor of Signal Theory, also teaching Radio-mobile Systems.

His research activities are within the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) field with emphasis on wireless digital communications.

His former research activities concern transmission and coding of signals and images. Since 1992 he focused on digital communication systems, with particular emphasis on channel equalisation and coding for HF and radio-mobile (GSM) links, on the design of CDMA receivers for UMTS and, in general, on the use of digital techniques within telecommunication equipments.

In the last 10 years his interests also includes Resource Management for wireless telecommunication systems, both terrestrial and satellite, and in particular MAC (Multiple Access Control) protocols.

In the last years prof. Cusani was also involved in forensic activities related to some well-known cases (Emanuela Orlandi, Denise Pipitone, Melania Rea, etc.).

He is author of about 130 publications in international journals and conferences, of the book “La Radio Digitale” (Digital Radio) and of text-books “Teoria dei Segnali” (Signal Theory) and “Teoria dell’Informazione e codici” (Information theory and coding” and of five patents regarding telecommunication applications.

Prof. Cusani was involved in many research programs, both national and international, and in projects with the industries. In particular, he contributed with the following European research projects: EU ACTS-MOSTRAIN, EU IST-WINDFLEX and GEOCAST of the fifth framework program, ESA project DOMINO,DOMINO-2, EU project Growth-NATACHA, EU project WEIRD, EMERSAT (ASI)- (1/2/09-31/7/10) on SatComs. Currently he is involved in the followings: OMEGA-TITRES (UE-ICT) on broadband access, TASS (UE-ICT) on airport monitoring, BRAVEHEALTH (UE-ICT) on telemedicine, MONET (UE-ICT) integration of MANET with satellite, DLC+VIT4IP (UE-ICT): on power-line communications, E-CUBE (Industria 2015) on Energy management, SHIELD (ARTEMIS UE): on security aspects.

Regarding the projects with the industries, he was responsible of research projects with Selex Communications of Pomezia (Roma),  formely ELMER SpA, Marconi-ELMER SpA, Marconi-Selenia SpA; with Italtelec (Roma), Thera (Roma), Telecom Italia (Torino), Italtel (Milano), Larimart (Roma).

During 2000, Prof. Cusani was consultant of the Italian Government for the assignment of UMTS frequencies to the operators, and in 2002 for the assignment of WLL (Wireless Local Loop) frequencies in Italy.

In 2006 he was co-founder of CRAT (Consorzio per la Ricerca nel’Automatica e nelle Telecomunicazioni). Since 207 he is member of the “Consiglio Superiore” of the Italian Ministry of Telecommunications.