Connecting physical world with information world

2009 to 2012
Smart Environment
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Project investigator: 
Roberto Baldoni

With the SOFIA project solutions the "embedded information" in the physical world can be made available for smart services - connecting physical world with information world.

SOFIA envisions that the ongoing digital convergence will fundamentally change the way embedded systems are used to construct not only physical devices and but also services.

The mission of SOFIA project is to create a semantic interoperability platform which enables and maintains cross-industry interoperability which is a platform for new services. Concurrently the solution will foster innovation while maintaining value of existing legacy multi-vendor interoperability platform.

The key outcomes of the project relate to user interaction paradigms for interacting in smart environments, the common interpretability solution between many heterogeneous devices and embedded systems, and on the application development schemes that can mobilise new developers for smart environments.

The key factor in these smart environments will be common, open information storage and search extent for all embedded systems, regardless of their specific implementation technology. In this vision, simple, local mash-up applications will be built on open data and devices.