Bridging Communities for Policy Making 2.0

2011 to 2013
Complex Software Systems
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Project investigator: 
Stefano Armenia

Today, in an increasingly interdependent, unstable and complex world, policy-makers  are still not supported by tools to anticipate possible problems arising from the impact of the implementation of wrong policies and their consequences . On the other hand, the citizens increase their influence on political decisions but they neither have the right visibility on the process, nor are able  to influence it.

The goal of the project Crossover is:

  • To bring together and strengthen the links between the different global communities of researchers and/or experts, as part of Decision Making, the development of public policies and/or industrial strategies, promoting the exchange of knowledge between communities;
  • Reach out and raise awareness among potential stakeholders, encouraging them to share content, knowledge, detailed case studies, as well as the organization of events and workshops as moments of cross-fertilization;
  • Establish a scientific/political interest and commitment for future development policies through the implementation of an international roadmap and detailed case studies on the application of specific ICT solutions for modeling and evaluating the impact of policies (Policy Modeling).

CROSSOVER uses state-of-the-art ICT tools, such as data analytics and crowd sourcing, to create a new policymaking framework that enables policymakers to assess the full complexity and dynamic of contemporary life, that includes complex human and organizational behavior and takes into account the major trends impacting current/ future policymaking.