ACROPOLIS - Advanced coexistence technologies for radio optimisation in licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

2010 to 2013
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Project type: 
Project investigator: 
M. -G. Di Benedetto

The purpose of ACROPOLIS is to link experts and projects from around Europe working on coexistence technologies such as spectrum sharing and cognitive radio, to obtain a rounded complement of European research and to investigate areas that are missing from the current European research repertoire. Such coexistence technologies within ACROPOLIS are aimed towards the optimisation of radio spectrum usage.

The EIT+ ICT RC team is Work Package 2 and Work Package 16 leader. Beside, ICT RC supports research in Cluster 2 (Context Awareness and Learning) and Cluster 3 (Decision Making and Action)..

However, the main effort is putted by ICT RC in following tasks:

WP2: Web-Based Integration Tools

Activity 2.1: Implementation of the web portal

Activity 2.2: Maintenance and support

WP16: Industry Partnership Program

Activity 16.1: Industry workshops

Activity 16.2: External Advisory Committee interaction

Activity 16.3: Industry channel within web-based integration tools and newsletters


ACROPOLIS Project partners:

  • RWTH Aachen University

  • Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications
  • University of Rome “La Sapienza”

  • Dresden University of Technology
  • University of Piraeus Research Center
  • Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+

  • The Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR), King’s College London
  • Royal Institute of Technology
  • University Ss. Cyril and Methodius
  • Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
  • The Joint Research Centre
  • Poznan University of Technology
  • University of Surrey
  • The EADS Innovation Works
  • The University of Leeds