Highly-complex and networked control systems

2011 to 2014
Cyber Security
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Project investigator: 
Francesco Delli Priscoli

nSHIELD is a project co-funded by the ARTEMIS JOINT UNDERTAKING (Sub-programme SP6) focused on the research of SPD (Security, Privacy, Dependability) in the context of Embedded Systems.

The nSHIELD project is, at the same time, a complement and significant technology breakthrough of pSHIELD, a pilot project funded in ARTEMIS Call 2009 as the first investigation towards the realization of the SHIELD Architectural Framework for Security, Privacy and Dependability (SPD). The roadmap, already started in the pilot project, will bring to address SPD in the context of Embedded Systems (ESs) as “built in” rather than as “add-on” functionalities, proposing and perceiving with this strategy the first step toward SPD certification for future ES.

pSHIELD has covered the definition phase of this roadmap: nSHIELD will be in charge of the development and implementation phases.