Resilience Enhancement of Metropolitan Areas

2013 to 2015
Trend Prediction
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Project investigator: 
Roberto Baldoni

RoMA project targets the growing complexity of technological and energy supply systems of cities and metropolitan areas, the improvement of social life and security in large urban areas, the security of the environment and infrastructure that provide essential services to metropolitan areas. RoMA aims to promote the implementation and integration of technological systems that can help increase resilience to large metropolitan systems.  Resilience indicates the ability of a system to summarize quickly and efficiently its own level of operation following a disturbance.

A property thus directed to provide responsiveness, adaptability and capacity for self-repairing of a complex system. Developing resilience involves the ability to predict the course of adverse events, to generate scenarios of crisis for the analysis of the responses, to establish an interaction with all stakeholders involved in the management of resources (energy, technology, services), to effectively use collaborative tools between citizens and the public administration capable of supporting adaptive processes and the management of critical situations. RoMA wants to integrate with actions already in place for the metropolitan areas such as the Integrated Control Rooms. The project partnership with ACEA Distribution as a leader, including ENEA , the University of Rome "La Sapienza" through the Center for Cyber ​​Intelligence and Information Security (CIS) and telecom Italia, Selta, Selex ES, Himet, E-Security, Digicom, EPS Datacom, Santer Reply, SPEE.