Cybersecurity on SCADA: risk prediction, analysis and reaction tools for Critical Infrastructures

2012 to 2015
Critical Infrastructure Protection
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Project investigator: 
Francesco Delli Priscoli

The CockpitCI project aims to improve the resilience and the dependability of CIs through the design and the implementation of the CockpitCI Alerting System that improves the MICIE alerting system developed within the MICIE Project, providing to CI operators an efficient tool to support them: (i) in the prevention of cyber attacks, and (ii) in the implementation of consequence containment strategies in case of attack.

In order to reach this goal, the CockpitCI project will leverage the work already done in the FP7 MICIE project  at the high level, while at low field level equipment will be provided of some kind of intelligence, allowing them to be able to perform local decisions but only in the presence of “critical” situations, i.e. those characterized by a high risk in terms of on-going cyber attack or unavailability of the communication.