The Research Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security (CIS) is a multidisciplinary center developing new knowledge and operational methodologies  to gather relevant information from cyber and physical environments  and to transform it through intelligence processes in enriched information  that can be used to prevent incidents that can harm the society by creating at the same time smarter complex systems. 

Advanced capabilities in cyber intelligence will be indeed essential in the next years due to the pervasiveness of cloud, social computing and mobility technologies, that lower the control that organizations and governments have over systems, infrastructure and data. CIS aims at designing better information security methodologies, threat profiles and at elaborating defense strategies taking into account  the economic and legal impact in a unique framework.

CIS does leadership research in the context of cyber security, information assurance, critical information infrastructure protection, trend prediction, open-source intelligence,  cyber physical systems and  smart complex systems. Research results are applied to real world contexts such as  cyberwarfare, fraud detection, stock market stability, detection of tax evasion, monitoring of safe  critical activities, early warning systems and smart environments (houses, buildings, cities etc).

Director: Giuseppe Santucci