The Center for Research in Cyber ​​Intelligence and Information Security has been created by the following Departments of University of Rome La Sapienza:

  1. Department of Computer Science
  2. Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications
  3. Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering
  4. Department of Management
  5. Department of Statistical Sciences
  6. Department of Juridical and Economic Studies

The structure of the Center for Research of Cyber ​​Intelligence and Information Security will consist of a Director and governing bodies such as the Scientific Council, the Steering Committee and Executive Committee as well as  a coordinating administrative and organizational structure and several research laboratories. The governing bodies of the center will be established according to the  Sapienza Type of Interdepartmental Centres Regulation and will have the following responsibilities:

  • Direction: The Director shall endeavor to implement the guidelines and objectives established by the CIS governing bodies and oversees the management pursuing optimal levels of effectiveness and efficiency. He is assisted in his duties by a Deputy Director.
  • Scientific Council: the Council directs the activities of the CIS Research Centre of the medium and long term. The council proposes to the Executive Committee the establishment of research areas. Eminent personalities, external to Sapienza, can be part of this body up to 30 percent of its members.
  • Steering Committee: The Steering Committee has functions of coordination and management of the center, acting on a budget, plan activities and conventions.
  • Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is the decision-making body of the center and is invested with operational functions. Oversees the creation of an area of ​​research, overseeing the creation of a multidisciplinary team to execute a project within an area and monitors its operation. Assumes responsibility for all decisions necessary for the current administration.
  • Administrative and organizational Coordination: The coordination and administrative organization is made up of PTA members employed by the departments participating in the center according to established agreements. It supports the center in all technical and administrative activities.