Primary objectives of Sapienza CIS (Center for Research in Cyber ​​Intelligence and Information Security) are  cyber-security, information  availability, protection of critical infrastructures and the creation of intelligent complex information systems that can have important effects on real life: fraud detection,  stock market stability, identification of tax evasion, monitoring of critical information systems,early warning systems (for terrestrial and underwater applications), homeland security applications (e.g., border control, surveillance and protection of critical infrastructures such as ports, airports, transportation systems) and safety of smart environments (house, cities, public spaces etc).

Objectives of Sapienza CIS Research Center are:

Conduct premiership research on cyber-security, information security, cyber-crime, critica infrastructure protection and smart environment;

  • To promote the spread of a culture of cyber-intelligence, across a wide range of multidisciplinary services for training: Masters courses, PhDs courses etc..
  • Supporting  government and industries to define and deploy their intelligence plans from a legal, economic and technological points of view
  • To promote applied research in cooperation with other national and international research centers of excellence, industry and public administrations
  • Support public and private institutions in protecting their information assets and critical infrastructure.

Finally, due to its multidisciplinarity, Sapienza CIS research center acts as a natural point of contact between users, industry, government and university research.